Regulator VK-10/10VC

Regulator VK-10/10VC

Code. 8801010054

VK-10/10VC is a controller designed to control two independent rooms of the farm. To do this, the device disposes two proportional outputs, two configurable relays for heating or cooling system, two proportional outputs for connection to the power amplifiers, window control system or air inlets, etc.
The main characteristics of this device are the multifunctionality and ability to work according to predetermined temperature growth curves. VK-10 / 10VC has an external sensor for the outside temperature.
Function «DUO» allows us to provide optimal control of a pair of fans. The device has a special function- it stops ventilation at a temperature lower than the desired temperature, and the collection of statistics...
Has a backlit LCD display with an easy programming and visualization system.


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