Drinkers for chickens

Drinkers for chickens

Code. 160100 / 160101 / 160102 / 160104

Drinking System for poultry in raising lines, with nipples with and without drip cup with a single holder to have more space to drink.
Also 1st age cups, lateral action of 360º.
Our IBERLINE drinkers have proved their effectiveness, providing more cleaning in the water, avoiding spills, keeping the bed dry and very easy to handle. They do not require operations of cleaning because they are self cleaning. They are equipped with a water pressure reducer.
It is advisable to install a filter in the main pipe.
The nipples are made of stainless anti-fouling steel of high quality, which ensures a long-life and also a correct hygiene.
They can be installed at different distances the most usual are every 20, 25 or 30 centimetres.
The elevation is done by a winch.
This winch can be automatic or manual.
We recommend a maximum length of 70 meters, with one water pressure reducer.
For more length is better to install the water pressure reducer in the centre of the line with two exits. As a general rule, it is necessary to install one line more of drinkers than feeders.

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