DOPY feed dosers

Dosificadores DOPY
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Code. 1000 / 1045 / 1005 / 1009 / 1008 / 1004

Food dispenser. Installed in an automatic feed conveyor allow individual dosing of livestock. The entire multi-line dispensers can be operated at the same time for opening or closing either mechanically or automatically. Especially recommended cattle farms pigs, sheep and pigs. entirely manufactured in high quality plastic with UV treatment.
reducing adapter feeder to drop tube Ø 60 adapter to transport tube Ø 75 AND Ø 90.
Dopy 2.5 liter 2500
4500 dopy 4.5 liter capacity
7000 dopy 7.0 liter capacity
10000 dopy 10.0 liters


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