Turkeys fattening feeder pan

Turkeys fattening feeder pan
Turkeys fattening feeder pan

Code. 1261 / 12610

Round shapes that prevent animals from climbing over. Central cone with 3 steps regulation for feed inlet.
Upper bell-shape dome allows to anchor the pan to the feeding pipe firmly.
Suitable for Ø60 mm and Ø45 mm (adapter needed)
Rounded pan for easy cleaning
Larger pan for fattening
Three greater openings that provide a comfortable feeder access.
In order to have an easy aseembly and disassembly process there are 3 fixing points where the bottom plate lock to the grid.
Less feed wastage and better conversion rate.
Larger perimeter (1.486 mm).
Long-term UV protection.
Feed transport by spiral or chain system.
Multipurpose feeder for other species of birds (turkeys, ducks, capons, geese, ...).
Large capacity pan for long and heavy breeds (BIG TURKEY).


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