Regulator VK-10D/VK-10DL/VK-25D/VK-25DL

Regulator VK-10D/VK-10DL/VK-25D/VK-25DL

Code. 8801010009 / 8801010012 / 8801010013 / 8801010013DL

This is a full range of controllers which enable ventilation and heating control in a quick and precise way in each room.
All models have two auxiliary configurable contacts for heating, cooling or temperature alarms; proportional output for ventilation with the option of regulated heating control using power amplifier; detection of errors and alarms; statistics storage and stop function in ventilation.
(8801010009) VK-10D: Has one temperature probe and controls ventilation of the room in a precise way. Is valid to control heating systems (Delta pipes, Hot air generators, etc).
(8801010013) VK-25D: Similar device to VK-10D, with higher output capacity:20Amp.
(8801010012) VK-10DL:Has two temperature probes which permit to control independently heating and ventilation. In this way, it can be adapted perfectly to heating system as infrared lamps, electric plates, etc.
(8801010013DL) VK-25DL: Similar device to VK-10DL, with higher output capacity:20Amp.


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